Line semi-metallic DuraStop Brake Pads/ Organic ACDelco

Among its features are the following:

  • They are made with formulations that meet and / or exceed the coefficients of friction and engineering specifications of each brand of vehicles.
  • Coefficient of friction "FF".
  • Semi-metallic and organic formulations.
  • 100% free of asbestos.
  • They have indicators that alert ahead of the cessation of the life of the pads and the need to replace them.
  • Soundproofing sheets, which function is to absorb the vibration caused by friction between the pad and the disc, reducing the annoying squeak.
  • Slots in the middle of the pads, which function is to cut the sound waves produced by the friction, generating less vibration, and also help remove dust and allow the contact surface is kept free of debris.
  • Are certified to guarantee the highest level of performance in any weather condition or terrain.

Semi-metallic With shims
Coefficient of friction "FF" With slots
With wear indicators With chamfers
100% asbestos free

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