Gold Line DuraStop Brake Pad

The new disc brake pads DuraStop ACDelco Gold Line offers:

  • Better stopping power: ceramics fibers get a friction coefficient of rank FF that absorbs high temperatures, helping to dissipate heat and increase the stopping power.
  • Cleaner appearance: addition to providing better ventilation, slotted design helps keep the contact surface free of debris. This feature, coupled with the use of materials and special fibers in their manufacture, allows to produce a very light powder that adheres to the wheels and provides a clean look.
  • Less wear: the new pads are 100% free of asbestos, related to this composition of ceramic fibers and non-ferrous materials, can be offer additional savings to dissipate heat more efficiently as well as reduced wear pads and rotors
  • Quieter braking: this is achieved by having high quality soundproofing sheets and chamfers that help reduce the vibration caused by friction.

Ceramics With shims
Coefficient of friction "FF" With slots
With wear indicators With chamfers
100% asbestos free Certificate D3EA

ACDelco Gold Line DuraStop Brake Pad